The State Conservatory was founded in 1999 and it has admitted students since the 2001-2002 academic years. The instructors of our conservatory share their knowledge and skills primarily with their students, show interest to all the existing topics in their field or their area of interest, and pay attention to train their students in a multi-faceted way and communicate with them effectively. Furthermore, our instructors keep up with the national and international developments in their fields.

Our school has a five-year program (including preparatory class) in Turkish Folk Music Department (Instrument Training Art Major and Voice Training Art Major) and four-year programs in Turkish Classical Music Department (Voice Training Art Major and Basic Sciences Art Major), Performing Arts Department (Opera Art Major and Chorus Art Major) and Music Department (Piano Art Major and String Instruments Art Major).

Our conservatory represents our university actively through national and international concerts and events with the contribution of instructors, students and art communities within the university in addition to its education and training facilities.

Our graduates can be academicians in institutions for vocational music education or can work as musical artists and instructors in public or private art institutions and groups. Moreover, they can work in the schools of the Ministry of National Education on the condition that they have pedagogical formation courses.

Our graduates can study master’s degree at the Music Department in the Graduate School of Social Sciences in the university, and the graduate school adopts an integrative approach.

Departments in the State Conservatory:

 Music (Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Proficiency in Art Education)

• Turkish Folk Music (Bachelor’s Degree)

• Turkish Classical Music (Bachelor’s Degree)

• Performing Arts (Bachelor’s Degree)

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