The School of Foreign Languages was established in 2004 and started education in 2005-2006 academic years in the Ahmet Necdet Sezer Campus. We have a total of 27 instructors including 25 instructors for English and 2 for German. There are 12 classrooms and two computer laboratories. The instructors teach foreign language lessons in higher schools and faculties in addition to optional or compulsory English preparatory education in the school of foreign languages. We also organize various language courses open to public. To develop themselves and cooperate with other educational institutions, our instructors regularly join scientific activities in Turkey or abroad.

In the school, students will have face to face training for approximately 750 hours during a year, and it will reach to 900 hours with the online homework. The students completing this training will have B2 degree at the end of the year. It provides advantage for them in their future education and in exchange programs such as Erasmus+.

Academic Units Providing “English Preparatory Education”:

• Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

• Faculty of Engineering

• Faculty of Technology

• Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

• Faculty of Tourism

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