Sandıklı School of Applied Sciences was officially established in June, 2016. It has admitted students since 2017-2018 academic years. We aim that our students will complete a four-year undergraduate training to be employed in health sector. We also strive to carry out academic studies in related fields.

There are two departments in our school, and these are Social Services and Child Development. We have a sufficient number of instructors and we continue to reinforce the staff in terms of both quantitative and qualitative aspects. Currently, we have students in the departments of Social Services and Child Development.

There are 20 classes, one lecture hall, four laboratories, and one conference hall in the school. It is important that our students be socialized in addition to their academic development. Our students have founded Social Services Club and they organize some social activities. In the scope of the club activities, we cooperate with the sector, and students and instructors visit institutions such as rest home, village schools, and schools of mentally handicapped. Seminars are organized by the professionals in their fields. Moreover, a cinema day is organized once a week in which movies related to students’ fields are shown with the participation and contribution of the instructors and students.

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