The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine was founded in 1995. We have dynamic research staff, excellent physical facilities, and a developing technological infrastructure. We have a total of 88 instructors and 70 of these are professors, associate professors, and assistant professors. We approximately admit 100 students each year.

We carry on education in six classrooms and the laboratories including Anatomy Laboratory, Biochemistry Laboratory, Physiology Laboratory, Histology and Embryology Laboratory, Microbiology Laboratory, Virology Laboratory, Parasitology Laboratory, Pharmacology and Toxicology Laboratory, Biology and Genetics Laboratory, Zootechnics Laboratory, Food Hygiene Laboratory, Animal Feeding and Nutrition Diseases Laboratory, Veterinary Diagnosis and Analysis Laboratory with the approval of the Ministry. Clinical practices are required for Veterinary
Medicine Education, and the Veterinary Health Research and Application Centre is the best place for these practices. In the center, pets, exotic animals, and farm animals are diagnosed and treated. In addition to this, the practice and research activities are performed in Education, Research, and Application Farm of the Faculty. The Milk and Milk Products Unit serves for student practice activities, and we produce and sell milk, cream, and yoghurt. We also have a library and reading halls for the students to make the best use of their free times.

Our graduates can serve as veterinarians in the Provincial/District Directorates of the Ministry of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Agricultural Enterprises, the General Directorate of Agricultural Production and Development, the General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policy, the Institutions of Animal Breeding and Production, Municipalities, TUBİTAK Research Laboratories, the Animal Health and Food Control Services of the Turkish Armed Forces, Feed Industry, Pharmaceutical Companies, Private Farms, Food Industry based on animal production and Institutions and Organizations related to public health and environmental health. They can also work as veterinarians in private clinics.

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