The Faculty of Islamic Sciences at Afyon Kocatepe University was established in 2012, and it started education in 2013-2014 academic years by admitting students to the departments of Islamic Sciences and Elementary School Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge Education.

The Faculty of Islamic Sciences aims to be a pioneer in its field. It endeavors to understand and interpret the Islamic religion from its main sources. It tries to exhibit its own academic tradition with the knowledge of theology formed in years. It gives priority to the ethical considerations and values of our society. We propose to conduct academic studies considering subjective approaches with objective purposes.

The Faculty has several purposes. First, it aims to carry out scientific studies related to Islamic sciences, culture and civilization in addition to religious sciences. We share the outcomes of these studies with scientific world and public opinion. We also protect and develop the values forming the identity, so in this way, we contribute to the peace and permanence of society. We appreciate the cultural heritage of the society. In addition to these aims, we strive to train qualified and equipped theology specialists who can collaborate with the public institutions and non-governmental
organizations. These theology specialists are expected to have a systematic, consistent and critical perspective. Thus, they can interpret life and can find solutions to the problems with an academic and critical perspective.

The Faculty of Islamic Studies continues education in Ahmet Karahisari Campus. Within the campus having a wide range of transportation opportunities, there are also a library, a dining hall, a cafeteria, and a sports hall together with the education building. Furthermore, there is a 300- bed capacity dormitory for girls next to the campus. Its management has been assigned to Credit and Dormitories Institution after being built by Special Provincial Administration of Afyonkarahisar.

The Departments in the Faculty:

• Basic Islamic Sciences (Bachelor’s Degree)

• Philosophy and Religious Sciences (Bachelor’s Degree)

 Islamic History and Arts (Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree)

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