The foundation of the Afyon Vocational School was laid in 1976. It started to provide education in the 1976-1977 academic year under the YAYKUR Formal Education Institution of the Ministry of National Education in order to train “professional staff” needed in the industry and other service sectors of the country for certain professions. The first programs opened within the college are Accounting, Construction and Electric programs.

In 1983, it was affiliated to Anadolu University with the law numbered 2809 about the reorganization of higher education institutions. In 1992, it was affiliated to the newly established Afyon Kocatepe University and İ.İ.B.F. and constituted the first core of this university.

The educational moves that started with the transition to the university have brought Afyon Vocational School to its current level. It is one of the biggest vocational schools in Turkey in terms of both the number of students and the number of programs.

Programs in Afyon Vocational School: Cooking, Computer programming, Biomedical Device Technologies, Office Management and Executive Assistance, Child Development, Marble Technology, Electricity, Electronic Technology, Meat and Meat Products Technology, Food Technology, Construction Technology, Business Administration, Machine, Architectural Restoration, Interior Design, Accounting and Tax Practices, Automotive Technology, Marketing, Radio and Television Technology, Rail Systems Road Technology, Ceramic, Glass and Tile, Textile Technology, Tourism and Hotel Management, Local Administrations.