The Graduate School of Social Sciences was founded in 1993 with the constitution of the university.

We offer master’s degree studies in the fields of:

• Social Sciences and Humanities: Geography, Contemporary Turkish Dialects, Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, Islamic History and Art, Music, Private Law, Art and Design, Sociology, History, Tourism Management, Turkish Language and Literature,

• Economics and Administrative Sciences: Economics, Business Administration (English), Islamic Banking, Public Finance, Accounting-Finance, Political Sciences and Public Administration, International Trade and Finance, Production Management and Marketing, Management and Organization,

• Educational Sciences: Educational Sciences, Curriculum and Instruction, Primary School Education, Social Studies Education, Turkish Education,

Doctoral degrees are offered in the departments of Geography, Curriculum and Instruction, Economics, Business Administration, Islamic Banking, Public Finance, Political Sciences and Public Administration, Social Studies Education, Sociology, History, Tourism Management, and a degree of Fine Arts is offered in the Department of Music.

We offer master’s degree without thesis (evening education) in the fields of Business Administration, Financial Law, History, Tourism Guidance, and Local Administrations Finance, and also Curriculum and Instruction (Distance and evening education).

Journal of Social Sciences: The Journal of Social Sciences has been published since 1999 within the scope of the Graduate
School. It has been indexed in national and international databases such as ULAKBİM TR Index, EBSCO, EBSCOhost, Eurasian Scientific Journal Index, SOBIAD, ASOS Index, DRJI, Scientific Indexing Services, MLA, Google Scholar, Rootindexing, and International Citation Index CiteFactor and published in the refereed status. The journal has been published four times in a year since 2019, and it has contributed significantly to the Social Sciences Literature since its establishment.

From the year of its establishment to December 2019, totally 3.564 students graduated and there were 209 doctoral degrees, 1.678 master’s degrees with thesis, 427 master’s degrees without thesis, and 1.250 degrees in distance education. In our Graduate School, we have a total of 1.324 students including 970 master’s degree with thesis, 135 master’s degree without thesis, and 219 Doctoral degree students as of December, 2019.