School of Tourism and Hotel Management was founded in 2005, and it provided undergraduate education on “Hospitality Management”, “Travel Management”, “Food & Beverage Management”, and “Tour Guiding” until 2013. In 2013, the school was transformed into a faculty and named as Faculty of Tourism. Since then, the Faculty has continued education in “Tourism Management”, “Gastronomy and Culinary Arts” and “Tour Guiding”. Additionally, the Faculty also provides master’s degree with thesis and doctoral degree in the Department of Tourism Management and master’s degree without thesis in the Department of Tour Guiding.

We are committed to train students who will improve the position of our country’s tourism sector in international competition. To do this, we teach our students to follow the scientific principles, think critically, and consider the values of humanity. We aim to serve the society and carry out scientific research activities that will enhance the competitiveness of our country in the sector and improve the information and wealth at the national level. The Faculty has a sufficient number of academic and administrative staffs and around 1500 students.

Our faculty has been in cooperation with the sector and signed agreements with the five-star hotels in the Afyonkarahisar city center. This helps students to practice in the real workplaces as per article 5/b of the Law numbered 5510 and adapt to the sector. In this scope, our students have the opportunity to do internships in these hotels for 14 weeks in one of the semesters in their last years.

Thanks to this application, we aim to contribute to personal and professional development of the students together with providing an opportunity of observing the working atmosphere in the hotels and to increase their employment chances in the sector. Moreover, our students can have the courses such as the front office, housekeeping, and service and kitchen operations practically in the suites, laundry and ironing rooms, reception, kitchen, and restaurant units in the Application Building of Tourism Faculty.

Our graduates have the possibility to find job as mid and senior managers in private companies of accommodation, travel, food and beverages business, and other institutions or organizations in that sector. Furthermore, our graduates have the possibility to be employed in the relevant departments of public institutions according to their Public Personnel Selection Examination (KPSS)
scores. They can continue their graduate education to find career opportunities as the academic staff of universities. The programs and contents of the courses in our faculty are structured to serve for these purposes considering the demands and needs of the stakeholders.

Our faculty is also aware of the fact that a successful tourism professional needs qualified education in addition to a strong social capability. Accordingly, we organize several kinds of social activities. There are two different student clubs named as “Tourism Society” and “Gastronomy Club” in our faculty to promote continuous development of our students. During academic year, various social activities are organized with the efforts of the students in our faculty. These include the trips to the cities and regions having cultural, historical, and natural wealth, seminars, symposiums, conferences, panel discussions, interviews on various topics, tea parties and picnics. Furthermore, our students can do sports such as football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, table tennis, badminton, and athletics. They are able to participate in tournaments by joining the faculty teams.

Departments in the Faculty:

• Tourism Management (Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Doctoral Degree)

• Gastronomy and Culinary Arts (Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree)

• Tourism Guidance (Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree without Thesis)

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