Education faculties are the leading institutions for training teacher candidates, and they provide education for preparing them to the profession and conduct academic studies regarding the field. The mission of our faculty, as in all other education faculties, is to train teachers in the disciplines permitted by the Higher Education Council. These teachers are expected to be equipped with content, world and pedagogic knowledge. Also, they are supposed to have high motivation, to adopt social values and ideals, and to have professional qualifications.

The rising need for educated people highlights the importance of school in general and teachertraining institutes in particular. In the schools having strategic importance for training individuals appropriate to the era, teachers have a vital role in achieving this goal. It is undeniable that teachers are models in the community for enabling the new generation to gain the required qualities.

We have qualified academic staff for achieving this aim best together with the adequate equipment including classroom, activity room, drama room, computer and science laboratory, conference room, and so on.

In the Faculty of Education, we have students in the departments of Science Education, Mathematics Education for Primary School, Preschool Education, Primary School Education, Social Sciences Education, and Turkish Education. Furthermore, we offer postgraduate education in the fields of Educational Sciences, Curriculum and Instruction, Science Education, Mathematics Education, Primary School Education, Social Studies Education, and Turkish Education.

Our faculty has three basic purposes. We aim to provide education at national and international levels, to produce knowledge by conducting scientific research and publication, and to serve for the benefits of our society and shareholders. Our graduates can work in the institutions of the Ministry of National Education and private schools as preschool, primary and secondary school teachers.

Departments in the Faculty

• Department of Computer and Instructional Technology Education (Bachelor’s Degree)

• Department of Mathematics and Science Education
• Science Education (Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree)
• Mathematics Education for Elementary Schools (Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree)

• Department of Elementary and Early Childhood Education
• Early Childhood Education (Bachelor’s Degree)
• Primary School Education (Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree)

• Department of Turkish and Social Sciences Education
• Social Sciences Education (Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, Doctoral Degree)
• Turkish Education (Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree)

• Department of Educational Sciences (Master’s Degree)
• Curriculum and Instruction (Master’s Degree)
• Educational Administration
• Psychological Counseling and Guidance
• Philosophical, Social and Historical Foundations of Education
• Measurement and Evaluation in Education
• Instructional Technologies

• Department of Foreign Languages Education
• English Language Education

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